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Weaving Ways of Knowing

Introduction to Weaving Ways of Knowing.


Knowledge systems are diverse, each one rooted in different understandings of reality, social norms, values, belief systems, institutions, and locations. Here, we aim to provide a primer on important frameworks and language that exist to describe the ways knowledge systems can come together. Most of these have been used in the context of bringing together Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science. Short explanations and summaries of key concepts will be provided in the pages in this section, along with references to additional resources that provide more extensive discussions.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive inventory of information, but rather an introduction to some of the important principles behind more widely known ideas. Visitors are encouraged to continue searching the web and literature beyond this site, as well as engaging in discussion with others, in order to deepen their understanding.

Oral knowledge sharing is an important component of Indigenous culture; to respect and embody this, we summarized many key terms and ideas in a video (see “Bringing Knowledge Systems Together” to the right).”

Bringing Knowledge Systems Together

Description of key themes, motivations, and value behind weaving knowledge systems in environmental science. Video by Heather Patterson. References for the terms and ideas shared in this video can be found on subsequent pages.


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